About Us

Vintage Truck filled with pine trees

Our Story

Our family moved to Mayville in 2023, with the intent of starting a Christmas Tree Farm. As we started to plan for this new adventure, we asked ourselves what more could we offer the community.  When we asked our friends and neighbors what they were looking for or needed, we had tremendous feedback and our ideas and dreams exploded! Our original idea transformed into a multi-season farm that offers something for everyone. We decided to open our doors and welcome others to our farm to enjoy our little slice of heaven with us!

We have 4 children and are quite busy with sports and extracurricular activities. Combined among the four kids, they play softball, volleyball, soccer, football, wrestling, track and basketball! We also volunteer whenever we can for the schools, church and community. We know what it means to be busy and to be run ragged! Our hope in this new venture of ours is to step back and return to our farming roots. To unplug and unwind a bit. We know that this is a common struggle with most families, and this was our biggest reason for opening up our farm doors to you. We hope you will join us in unwinding and enjoying nature, the farm and each other. Family is precious and we need to step back and just enjoy the moments and experience things together and create lasting memories.


Visit our facebook page to see the progress photos of our farm coming to life!

From our family to yours, Welcome!